Monday , June 21 2021

Sporting Cristal vs Cienciano Emile Franco crying after a dramatic 3-2 debut in the first division Stage 2 Clausura 2020 Liga 1 YouTube

At 19, Emile Franco had the difficult task of getting under Sporting Cristal’s goal against Cienciano before Renato Solís needed to leave due to injury. Although it had some lime and other sands, in the end it would be decisive for the ‘celestial’ victory at the beginning of phase 2.

With the final whistle at the San Marcos stadium, the ‘celeste’ started to celebrate, but there was a detail that did not go unnoticed: the young goalkeeper covered his face with his shirt and started to cry.

The player had to be comforted by his teammates and even by himself Daniel Ferreyra, Cienciano’s goalkeeper, who approached him and gave him an emotional hug.

Emile Franco He dedicated his first division victory to his father, who passed away earlier this year. A kiss flown to the sky was one of the postcards left by this vibrant wedding.

Franco – who played for the U-20 South American last year at the age of 18 – may have more opportunities in Phase 2 with Crystal, depending on the severity of Renato Solís injury.

Roberto Mosquera highlighted the performance of the young goalkeeper from the moment he entered. Will Emile Franco be the surprise of Sporting Cristal against Carlos Stein?

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