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Sin senos si hay paradise: Actresses cause controversy to tell that in Fueron the 'Catalina' boda because it is not invitaron Web Ojo | Ojo Show

Last weekend, the protagonist of the Telemundo Sin Sinos series is a paradise, Carmen Villalobos, stepped to the line of married women to marry with your promised Sebastián Caicedo with which he was married 11 years ago.

Carmen Villalobos the more known by his role of Catalina Santana caused a whole controversy for many of her followers to ask for several people who appeared with her in the soap opera If only they are paradise and not seen in its majestic wedding, celebrated in the beaches of Cartagena de Indias.

Well, if you came across several familiar faces from the tuned-in series, many others brillaron for your absence. Characters such as Albeiro, Doña Hilda, Little Catalina, the journalist, Mariana, Bald, Dayana 'la demonia', among many others did not appear.

Among the assistants was the Gregorio Pernía more known by his personaje from El titi, Roberto Manrique who plays Santiago, too Estefanía Gómez that there is the role of Vanessa, as well as the agent Natalia, esir, the actress Linda Baldrich ya Steven salcedo who plays Mateo Matiz. I missed the link, the actor Javier Jattinwhich I characterized Tony, the agent of Catalina.

But I was told by actress Elianis Garrido, who all but revealed that she was not invited to the wedding of Carmen and Sebastián, so that, for obvious reasons, she was not assisted by the link in Colombia.

For themselves they are not in the well Elianis Garrido says that his companions of reparto Stephania Duque (Mariana) and Kimberly Reyes (Yesica Beltrán ‘La Diabla’) by the actress protagonist of the series.

However, she will clarify that she understands that it had not been invoked because a good part is shared with the bad surroundings by what was not obliged to participate.

Elianis Garrido wants to admire and respect Carmen Villalobos as a woman, because of what he desires the greatest of suertes in a new way as wife beside Sebastián Caicedo.

“This question to me haecho mucho mucho, en mi cuenta, yo Carmen le tengo mucho cariño, I admire as an actress, as mujer, I have a very beautiful appreciation, they are from my tierra and I have been an example to follow for yo I did not go to the wedding because I did not invite my people, because the wedding is an intimate event and work with someone there is no surrounding. I went to Kimberly's booth but I'm around Carmen, I was pending on her stories and that's really what matters ”, dijo.

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