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Shirley Cherres in The Value of Truth: The Question That Made the Former Cheerleader Lose Everything in Beto Ortiz's Red Armchair | VIDEO Shows

Shirley Cherres appeared in "The Value of Truth" and told every detail of her novels with various personalities from the entertainment, soccer and political worlds. However, despite the hilarious moments reported by the former writer, she was empty-handed when, in question 15, the polygraph said her answer was false.

Beto Ortiz launched the question: “Has it been Mauro Lainez your most ardent lover? To which Shirley Cherres replies “No” to which the controversial journalist replies: “You just changed your answer to the polygraph again. You said yes and now you tell us no.

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Shirley Cherres lost in question 15

At this, the host repeats the question again, to which Shirley Cherres answers and answers "Yes". However, the narration would surprise everyone when he said "False", which surprised even Beto Ortiz himself, while the former cheerleader repeated that it was not true that his answer was.

Given this, Beto Ortiz takes the floor and reminds Shirley Cherres of something important about how to portray the responses to the polygraph:

"In your previous answer, I told you to think, because when competitors change response, march and counter march …"

Hearing these words, Shirley Cherres tries to explain why he recanted more than once, considering whether the Mexican player was his most ardent lover:

Shirley Cherres said Mauro Lainez was her most "ardent" lover

“What happens is that they came to my feelings of anger and frustration upon learning that I was a married person. Obviously, I said no, but if it was intimacy, it was the most perfect, none of the people I was with before reached the toenail because it was perfect. It was my full description.

However, Beto Ortiz showed his sadness, as he thought that Shirley Cherres would go much further as a competitor to & # 39; The Value of Truth & # 39 ;: "I get a bad taste because I feel that you idealize this person and your perception of him. . But when you answered the polygraph, you said yes.

Mauro Lainez was Shirley Cherres's last novel

To what Shirley Cherres culminating in explaining the reason for the above said: “I changed here because you just touched me where it hurts even more and when you repeat the question, I said it was the most ardent. Above all, unlike the man in my life, no.

Beto Ortiz speaks after Shirley Cherres's participation in "The Value of Truth"

Through their stories of Instagram, Beto Ortiz shared a photo she appeared with the girl Shirley cherres and wrote the following: "Shir Shir Shir Law Law Long live Shirley!" as a show of support.

Beto Ortiz and his Instagram story

Shirley Cherres reveals that she had a date with Reimond Manco

Shirley cherres He said he had an intimate meeting with Reimond Manco last year, weeks before the player married the mother of their two children, Lilia Moretti. "What happened had to happen, kisses very well," he said.

Shirley cherres

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