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Sheyla Rojas was interviewed by Magaly Medina to talk about the participation of Pedro Moral in the value of truth. The blonde said several things about her former partner who surprised the Magpie.

Sheyla Rojas He indicated that he thought Pedro Moral he worked alone and that "he did not depend on his father", something that became clear during Truth value

"I do not know how things happen, I prefer to respect that part of it, I think because of the time we spend together, I do not even want to touch it," he added. Sheyla Rojas on the employment situation of Pedro Moral.

Besides that, Sheyla Rojas he mentioned that when Pedro Moral You needed it, paid the bill in a restaurant or lent him money.

Sheyla Rojas

Sheyla Rojas spoke about Pedro Moral with Magaly Medina. (Video: Magaly Tv. The company)

Sheyla Rojas She also referred to the "Shey Shoes", of which Pedro Moral's sister accused her of devoting 20,000 soles.

"If I had been a bad person, I would not have supported it, I got involved when his sister, he and his brother-in-law took off the shoe design, I did not get anything," he said. Sheyla Rojas, which contradicts the sister's version of Pedro Moral, who said he left "hanging."

Sheyla Rojas She mentioned that she looked emaciated at & # 39; You are everything & # 39; because everything Pedro Moral said in The value of truth affected him.

"It hurt me, I never wanted to get into this situation and I did not want this kind of thing to happen, it could have been resolved between him and me," he said. Sheyla Rojas.

Finally, Sheyla Rojas He spoke about the allegation of harassment, sexual blackmail, extortion and violence against women to Pedro Moral, who, according to the driver, threatened his businessman with the disclosure of his intimate photos.

"I definitely did not like it, that's why I made the decision not to be quiet, not to intimidate myself, I think it's worth playing on that topic, it's shameful to play on that topic," he concluded. Sheyla Rojas.

Sheyla Rojas

Sheyla Rojas spoke about Pedro Moral with Magaly Medina. (Video: Magaly Tv. The company)


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