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Elaboration of EC

The second Universal Family Bonus granted by the Government to Peruvian families affected by the economic crisis caused by the new coronavirus can be collected from October 10th. According to the established schedule, the collection started with the first form of payment ‘Account deposit’, addressed to recipients holding an account with Banco de la Nación and / or any other financial entity.

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Today, being Sunday, there will be no account deposit for any of the beneficiaries. However, Peruvians whose National Identity Card ends on 6, 7, 8 and 9. Learn all the details of the Second Universal Family Bonus in this note.

How can I find out if I am a beneficiary of the BFU platform?

Here are the steps to find out if you are one of the beneficiaries.

  • Enter the new link
  • Click on the “Check with your ID” button
  • Enter your DNI number
  • Enter the date of issue of your DNI
  • Click on “I’m not a robot”
  • Click “Verify that you are a beneficiary”

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Universal Family Bonus Links – BFU

  • The link to general information about the BFU is as follows:
  • Link to payment methods and stages:
  • Link to call centers:
  • Link to change the tutor and waive the bonus:
  • Link if you have problems with your voucher:

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Payment methods for Universal Family Bonus

The Government decided to divide it into five phases, with a different form of payment in each of them and with a payment schedule dependent on the completion of the DNI.

  • Phase 1 (October 10): “Deposit on account” modality, that is, who has a bank account.
  • Phase 2 (October 30): Direct distribution of the voucher through “payment carts” in the most remote locations.
  • Phase 3 (November 7): Mobile banking and digital wallet, through the issuing of a code on the cell phone to beneficiaries who do not have an account in the banking system.
  • Phase 4 (December 5🙂 Cell bank mode, digital wallet and DNI account for new users.
  • Phase 5 (December 15): Payment method at destination locations, for those who were unable to access any of the above mechanisms.

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Universal family bonus schedule for account deposit

The Deposit Account modality corresponding to Phase 1 started on October 10. Here is the complete schedule:

  • If your ID ends in 5, you will be charged on October 23
  • If your ID ends on 6, you will be charged on October 27
  • If your ID ends on 7, you will be charged on October 29
  • If your ID ends on 8, you will be charged on 2 November
  • If your ID ends on 9, you will be charged on 4 November


Universal Titles: know the details to make the payment


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