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The president of the Council of Ministers, Cheap flights from Salvador Del Solar, was presented on Thursday before the plenary session of Congress to request a vote of confidence for its cabinet.

In his presentation, Del Solar addressed five areas: integrity and anti-corruption, institutional strengthening for governance, equitable, competitive and sustainable economic growth, social development and well-being of the population, and effective decentralization for development.

►Vote of confidence: these are the axes of the speech of Salvador del Solar

►Mulder criticized that Del Solar does not mention Las Bambas in a vote of confidence

During his presentation, Cheap flights from Salvador Del Solar He assured that political reform is a priority of the government of Martín Vizcarra, so that in the coming days he will send to Congress a set of projects, which they hope will be discussed in time in the committees.

After the presentation, the Popular Force spokesman, Carlos Tubino, began the legislative debate, taking advantage of his participation to request the freedom of the leader of his group, Keiko Fujimori.

"We are confident that at the present time justice will be done with our leader and President Keiko Fujimori and that she will regain her freedom soon, as we aspire to former President Alberto Fujimori," he said.

Meanwhile, spokesman for the Frente Amplio, Humberto Morales, said that his party will not grant a vote of confidence to the cabinet.

"For us, giving a vote of confidence in these adverse circumstances for the country is a whip for poverty and misery, we will not give that vote of confidence because it is a question of responsibility, of patriotism," he said.

In addition, Jorge Meléndez, a Peruvian spokesman for the Kambio, considered a "moment to go from hatred and confrontation" to dialogue and governability.

"It is time to move from hatred and confrontation to building consensus and governance, thinking for the good of all Peruvians," he said.

Following the participation of all the eleven-seat spokespersons, Daniel Salaverry interrupted the debate at approximately 1:15 p.m. to resume the plenary session at 3 pm


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