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Six months ago it was aired on Netflix "Sabrina's Hidden World: Part 1", and as the mind is fragile, you may have forgotten the details needed to take advantage of the second season coming to the screens this Friday, April 5.

This remake of the series noventera "Sabrina the Teenage Witch"tells the story of a young witch – half witch, half mortal – who will have to decide whether to live in the world of magic or give up these magical gifts to live a normal life with their friends.

Here is a review of the most important facts of the first chapters of the comic-based series "Sabrina Cool Adventures"by Archie Horror.



Although Sabrina tried during the 10 episodes of the first part, to move away from the dark side and not to sign with her blood the Book of the Beast (this act is made by all the witches as thanks for their magical gifts in exchange for their soul), She finished. doing to save the people where he lives from a genocide.

This difficult decision was made when a group of witches tried to kill their friends, family and other people in the city. This act made her more powerful to defeat them.


Wolf in lamb skin. Madam Satan, although shown as a kind and good professed by Sabrina, is actually the demon (literally) responsible for all the misfortunes of the young witch. Its origins go back to the beginning of humanity, when it was known as the first wife of Adam, Lilith. She is responsible for the arrival of the witches in Greendale.


As in the original series, Sabrina and Harvey were not together all the time. In the Netflix version, both end their relationship when the young man discovers that the young witch had something to do with the death of his brother (indirectly).

But the situation gets worse because Sabrina decides to resuscitate her brother, which results in something … nothing good. At the end of the day, Harvey has to kill his own brother; who broke what he and Sabrina had.


Sabrina has friends who are not witches. One of them is Rosalind Walker, whose family has been cursed by witches for generations, which means she is losing sight; to compensate, he is able to guess what will happen in the future. The other friend is Susie Putnam, a non-binary gendered girl who comes from a family who helped witches by the time they came from Europe.


Weeks after the launch of the first season, Netflix debuted an extra chapter. It's the Christmas special, whose consequences promise to be relevant in the new season.

In this chapter, there are several indications of what is to come. So far, Harvey and Sabrina are still separated, but at least the young mortal does not hate her anymore. Her mortal friends are kind to her and support her in her new life as a witch. In addition, Sabrina manages to contact her mother from the beyond.

Watch the trailer for the second part of "Sabrina" here:

Trailer for "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2". (Video: Netfix)


In the new episodes, Sabrina will have to embrace her new life, after going through her sombre baptism in the first season.

As seen in the trailer for the second part, Sabrina is exploring her darker, curious side to learn more about her powers as she struggles to keep her friendships in the mortal world.

The young sorceress will have to decide between the handsome sorcerer Nicholas Scratch and the good mortal Harvey Kinkle. In addition, you will have to be alert because the Dark Lord, Madame Satan and Father Blackwood will continue to conjure up chaos at Spellman's house and the town of Greendale.


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