Royal defines the date when new information is presented


The Atlus video game, previously known as Person 5 R, will be one of the protagonists of April.

Person 5: The Real

Are you interested in Person 5: The Royal? Write this date: April 25. Then when Atlus Present new information about this new video game that is actually an improved version of the original amazing Persona 5 that was released in 2017.

Initially, it was thought that there would be more data on April 24 in the scope of the event Person 5 Super Live and finally it will be the 25th of the same month when Atlus and P-Studio have specified that they will offer more information about a title they do not know much about yet.

So far, the following has been filtered through the ad site and its source code: "Announcement letter, April 25. I'm going to teach you a new monster thief that will nullify the world's cognition. once, we will receive their hearts in the Gokugikan ", and all this signed by the Ghost Thief.

Do you want to know what to expect from this Person 5: The Real? You can start by getting an idea of ​​what you'll find by referring to our Person 5 review on the magazine's pages, one of the best rated titles from two years ago.

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