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The general Mario Arata, head of the Lima Police Region, reported that the recovery after fire at the round table, Registered Friday afternoon, it would take three to four weeks. The loss also left many economic losses.

Fire at the Round Table: this is the fire seen from the sky [FOTOS Y VIDEO]

Round Table Fire: "We Learn Nothing"

Arata told Tv Peru that the voracious debris removal product fire will start at noon this Saturday across the affected area.

"There are big losses, this is a job that will take three to four weeks to recover. We are bringing heavy machinery to lift the debris," General Arata said.

He also reported that the Municipality of Lima, through the inspection area, is inspecting the site because some properties were used as warehouses or warehouses.

"The buildings are not being used as a place to live, but as warehouses, but this is being reviewed by the Municipality of Lima, through the surveillance area. What causes these things?fire) is informality, although we still do not know the main causes ", said the head of the Police of Lima.

Finally, he indicated that 350 police officers guarded the area and supported firefighters in evacuation and security work.

"From 5:00 p.m. yesterday, 350 police officers were deployed to cover the security services, evacuation and support of firefighters. Some traders resisted, but then they understood that it was very dangerous to be here," he said.

– Round Table Fire

Yesterday afternoon, at about 17h38. fire of regular proportions in a warehouse, located in block 7 of Jr. Cusco, in Round table.

More than 40 fire units participated sinister, qualified as code 4. After choking the fire, it was reclassified as code 2. The fire It was controlled by 90%, said general EP Jorge Chavez, head of the National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci).

O fire He only left material losses. There were no deaths or serious injuries.


(Video: TV Peru)


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