Qualcomm wins Apple in court and prepares its return to iPhone


The legal agreement also includes a payment from Apple to Qualcomm, but companies did not disclose the amount

16-04-2019, 3:51:33 PM

Qualcomm Inc got a big win on Tuesday when it settled a legal dispute with Apple Inc., an agreement granting it a patent license for six years and a supply contract which may pave the way for its The modem chips return to the iPhone.

The agreement also includes a payment of Apple for Qualcomm, but companies did not disclose the value.

The actions of Qualcomm rose 23 percent, its highest daily gain in more than 19 years, and Apple They closed steady.

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The agreement follows two years of legal dispute between the companies and after the initial arguments in a judgment in a federal court of San Diego.

Apple has accused Qualcomm of using illegal patent practices maintain the monopoly of modern chips that connect phones to mobile data networks. Qualcomm had said that Apple was using its technology without paying for it.

Apple started using Intel modem chips on some iPhones in 2016. He later stopped paying licensing fees for Qualcomm and used his chips on iPhones in 2018.

"The two parties came to the ideal conclusion", the judge of the case Gonzalo Curiel told the jury. "It allows these technology companies to go back to business and you go back to your business"

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