Saturday , July 31 2021

Professions Forum calls for debate on human resources in health in Congress

Control the pandemic

Within the scope of the strike day convened by CESM this Tuesday, representatives of the Medical Profession Forum maintained meeting with the chairman of the Congressional Health Commission, Rosemary rose. At this meeting, in which the problems of health professionals in Spain were addressed, the spokespersons transferred the need to promote a debate on human resources in health in Spain, with the participation of this organization, which represents the group. medical profession in our country.

Serafin Romero (Cgcom), Gabriel del Pozo (CESM) and Pilar Garrido (Facme) transmitted to Rosemary rose the urgency of addressing human resources policies in health in our country through an in-depth debate that generates a large pact or agreement on the part of political formations, in order to guarantee the quality and safety of care in our country. An important meeting that should happen with the participation of the Forum of the Medical profession and the voice of professionals, as they have already stated.

A DR that invalidates the health specialty system

Forum spokesmen reiterated to Rosa Romero that Royal Decree-Law 29/2020 of 29 September invalidates the health specialty system, by allowing professionals who do not have the specialty to practice the specialty, which affects professionals, mainly doctors, unilaterally modify their working conditions and force them to practice a specialty that is not theirs.

Likewise, they insisted that this text also implies subjecting professionals to unnecessary stress that seriously affects their health, forcing them to assume responsibilities for which they have not been properly trained, and seriously compromises the quality of care and patient safety.

Participation and collaboration of representatives

These are some of the arguments that justify the absolute rejection of the Royal Decree-Lawhence the need to urgently revoke this RDL due to the significant losses that its application will cause to patients, professionals and the NHS itself, as they warn.

Finally, they reminded him that it is essential, in order to face the problems and seek solutions for the lack of availability of doctors, to have the participation and collaboration of representatives of the medical profession.

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