Procuraduría denounced Roberto Vieira for alleged influence traffic | Politics


The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor denounced the deputy last Monday Roberto Vieira (not grouped) before the promoter of the Nation, Zoraida Ávalos, for the alleged crime of influence peddling.

According to the complaint, the anti-corruption promoter Beloved Encohas asked to open a preliminary investigation against the lawmaker and those who are responsible for asking for money from an entrepreneur in exchange for lifting a fishing sanction.

"I urge you, the Attorney General of the Nation, to provide for the opening of the preliminary investigation requested, in relation to the facts invoked, as well as the requested acts of investigation," the letter states.

This Tuesday Beloved Enco He considered that his complaint would have to be cumulated with the investigation initiated through the Area of ​​Illegal Enrichment and Senior Officials of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

"At the level of the Office of the Public Prosecutor, the two directorates will be compiled, both the one presented by the Attorney General's Office and the one that will be opened by the Attorney General's Office.

In addition, he mentioned that when a preparatory Roberto Vieira, the prosecution must request the waiver of their parliamentary immunity to be investigated for the facts that correspond.

Consulted on the defense of the legislator, who assured that he received "not even a sun" of the $ 25,000 that he allegedly asked the businessmen, said that it constitutes the alleged crime.

As you recall, the congressman Roberto Vieira He appeared before the Parliamentary Ethics Commission and said that this complaint against him is "a big lie." He also observed not to fear.

"In fact, this alibi that is slipping to us lacks credibility, the audios are obvious, they are talking about a request for money, specific amounts in exchange for intercessors to get an overturned resolution, "he said. Enco.


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