President of Sedapal: Lima may run out of water in two years


The president of the Sedapal, Francisco Dumler, revealed that there is a great risk that lime run out of Water within two years, since a fund of 60 million soles was not used to generate mechanisms that produce this vital resource.

Dumler explained that water can be produced with green infrastructure, revaluation of terraces, reforestation, among others. In addition, it involves avoiding the degradation of green areas that can now be covered with livestock and putting enormous pressure on the ecosystem.

"If we could start to bloom like in other cities, we could have or guarantee a much better water production for the city. [¿No lo podemos garantizar?] What happens is that this fund was created in 2015 and to this day the 60 million are in a trust and the zero soles were used, "he explained.

The head of the institution said that this is a new fund that should have started two years ago. "[¿De quién era la responsabilidad? Sí, de Sedapal. [¿No lo hizo?] No, because the execution is zero, "he said.

"[¿Eso genera ese riesgo real de que podamos quedarnos sin agua en dos años?] Yes, but I think the important thing is to turn the page and start as fast as possible, there is time. The risk is not to use this and not get to work, "he said.

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