Sunday , June 20 2021

Piura: ship captain and Marina communicator with anomalous look in Colán Piura

On the afternoon of this Saturday, when previous practices are being carried out, the Multinational Primer Rehabilitation Office responds to the presence of “Solidarex 2019” natural disasters, if it presents an anomalous eye in the sea of Colán, in Paita (Piura), which caused the collapse of a LAV-type amphibious vehicle of the War Marina in Peru. It was produced at 1:30 pm and originated in the disappearance of members of the Institution, whose lives were hallowed in the hours of the night. .

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Piura: dictan order of capture against exfiscal investigated by corruption

By means of a communique, the Marina de Guerra says that I will find an intense search for the commanders of the Amphibious Brigade of the Infantry of the Marina, the captain of Navio Mirko Paccini Vega; and the social communicator for the Marina Information Directorate Marlon Chavarry Bardales.

Personnel of the Public Ministry and the National Police will carry out the procedures of the law and the subsequent transfer of the Piura. In addition, internal investigations will be carried out to determine the causes of the accident. The Marina lamented the loss of the members of the institution.

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