Phillip Butters: Willax Television suspends general mocking driver program wearing pink apron in MIMP campaign | Photo 1 of 1 | Shows


Willax Television reported that it has suspended the & # 39; Combutters & # 39; by the journalist Phillip Butters because it does not "protect the privacy of the people," nor does it respect the principle of "not discriminating against them because of supposed sexual orientation."

It turns out that the driver scoffed at the army chief of staff, General Manuel Gomez de la Torre AranĂ­bar, who wore the pink apron as part of the "Men for Equality" campaign undertaken by the Ministry of Women.

That's what he said during the program and motivated the suspension of the Combutters.

"In the case of this gentleman who looks so good, it is General Gomez de la Torre, who is the chief of the Army General Staff and soon realize that he is coming out of the closet, in a very short time, he loves a man and I I think it's very good, congratulations, if he's going to be an army general commander and he's gay, that he leaves the closet so that a Chilean does not extort him, it will not be that a Chilean general falls in love with him, he'll be very well , General Gomez de la Torre, I understand that he shaves, he does the eyebrows and that's fine, he looks beautiful, beautiful, sorry … "


Last Tuesday, the Minister of Women, Gloria Montenegro, introduced the "Force Without Violence" program to Army and non-commissioned personnel and promoted the "Men for Equality" initiative, which seeks to eradicate gender-based violence. As part of this community strategy of the Ministry of Women, men wear pink aprons.

Gloria Montenegro He thanked the Army for joining the fight against violence against women and showing itself in favor of "no woman being mistreated or humiliated."


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