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It's been more than two decades since we had in our hands the famous football game (football for gamers & # 39; International Superstar Soccer, of the signature Konami. In those years, it was common to see groups of children and youth gathered in front of a television and the Super Nintendo spending pleasant moments with the main figures of the teams of the world.

However, there was a big problem, the names of the players of all the selections were different from the original. It is probable that, for a license issue, the developer has not been able to put the true identifications in the subtitles like Maradona, Romário, Bebeto, Valderrama, Batistuta, Maldini, Figo, Del Piero, among others.

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While some & # 39; gamers & # 39; of the time were able to identify these players by their physical characteristics, whether they were long blond hair like Batistuta or a yellow mane like the one of "Pibe", they never knew each other. Therefore, after 20 years, Konami launches the real names of these figures.

Some of the football players of the time welcomed the announcement of Konami. One of them was Bebeto. "It's great to know, after all this time, that I've inspired Konami to create Allejo, one of the most iconic characters in video games," he said in his Twitter account.

Although Konami did not disclose all the names of the players, there are several obvious references to the legends of the king of the sport. One of the clearest is the Argentine Fuerte, based on Claudio Caniggia, an Argentine player in the 90s, there is also Galfano, the Italian & # 39; 10 & # 39 ;, who is none other than Roberto Baggio.


International Superstar Soccer was a video game released by Konami for the console Super Nintendo in 1994. At present, this title is the famous Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.


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