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From Julio Vizcarra Torres
Special Envoy to the Copa América 2019
From Sao Paulo

Ivan Zamorano He seems intact at 52 years of age. Wearing a white shirt, the former Chilean striker could dress calmly, enter the field and form a deadly trident next to him. Alexis Sánchez and Eduardo Vargas. Today, Televisa commentator, the former leader of the Network gives up before Paolo Guerrerobut do not forget Farfan. Neither the Gareca, which he defines as "vertical and fast"

-What do you think about the level of this Cup?

Who loves football always expects a better show. And it also depends on the coaches, because they have to take risks, they have to try to play more offensively. In general, I liked what he did Colombia before ArgentinaWhat did Chile in front of Japan or what he did Peru against Bolivia. The attraction for one is the quarterfinals.

– This version of Peru is very different from what was seen in the World Cup?

From the football philosophy of GarecaNot much has changed. I think the theme goes through the level of some players. For example, I do not havewhereas in Mexico He was having a great time, here maybe he has not found that possibility of having to generate much more football for the Peruvian team. When everyone is well, we see the Peru of Heat and the one who ended up playing the World. Very offensive, very upright, consistent and very fast.

– Is this vertical turkey the most likely to fight against the Copa America?

Yes Peru reaches an important level, especially in Brazil and he can sort, I think he can be up to zero and he can fight anyone.

"Do you like Peru's attack with Guerrero and Farfan?"

Because of the style Gareca to position the team, I think both Farfan as Warrior They feel very comfortable playing like that. They have a lot of speed, they know each other perfectly. O of Paolo Not surprising, it seems to me that he is the most important and interesting player, the leader they have. I think that in this Copa America they are rediscovering

– Viewing the level of & # 39; 9 & # 39; in this World Cup, do you think Paolo is the maximum value in that position?

Natural centrodelanteros like Batistuta, Curly, Valencian they are in extinction. Finishers as Paolo Guerrero there are few. FalMaybe it's another. Overall, I think Paolo has always grown up as a player, he has amply demonstrated that he is the leader of a Peruvian generation and I think it's great that they can still take advantage of him and he has the strength, football and physics to play the team at the top. make a difference on the court.

-How much difference do you see between Peru and Brazil?

Nowadays win with the shirt, with the story is no longer useful. Was last seen World and in the Champions. Japan tied it to Uruguay, Qatar got a good result in the first game. Brazil is much higher than Peru, but you have 90 minutes to change that. And I think that Gareca He knows that Peru has the conditions and the physical conditions to achieve a good result.

– After the World Cup in Peru, what step of South America is it?

Today South America It's very even. The staff that arrived at a great level for this Cup I was Uruguay and Colombiafrom the point of view of football. But we have already seen that Uruguay also has weakness and Colombia was in a hurry to win Qatar. It is difficult to tell which selection is higher than another. Distances were reduced each time. I think the only one that is not is Bolivia. Peru has grown.

What do you think of the VAR?

In some situations, I think it does very well, but from the point of view of the continuity of the game, many mistakes have been made. It takes a long time for the judge to make a decision. There are superlative movements and there is no need to go to VAR. Although this gives justice to some kind of movement, for me the question of continuity I do not end up accepting.


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