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Peñasquito suspends payment to its workers

MAZAPIL.- On Monday, mining company Peñasquito announced the suspension of payments to more than 20,000 direct and indirect workers.

In a statement, mining company Newmont Goldcorp confirmed that the measure was taken because of the blockade of more than a month that has paralyzed activities since March 27.

The installation is carried out by residents of the community of Cedros and conveyors of the company Cava.


Those affected by the suspension of payment are all employees and unionized workers, contractors, suppliers and communities benefited by social programs.

It is noteworthy that 80% of the workers are from Zacatecas and more than 500 are employees hired from nearby communities.

The source of the problem

In the press release, the miner explained that the cause of the blockade is Peñasquito's refusal to pay more than 442 million pesos to the paratroopers.

They explained that residents of Ejido San Juan de Cedros, along with members and directors of the transport company "CAVA" in a meeting on the same day, 27 with executives of the company, demanded through their representative, Felipe Pinedo, (advisor to Senator Jose Narro), a payment of 442 million dollars for the alleged affectation to a mass of water in said community.

However, villagers told mine owners that Senator Narro's aide and two legal advisors would receive $ 80 million of that payment.

In the statement it was reported that CAVA's owner, Ascensión Carrillo, uses community names to simulate having an associated carrier organization and charging an important commission to potential CAVA members.

In addition, the company announced that Carrillo demands a payment of 184 million pesos for a supposed "travel rate" that, in reality, is nothing more than an attempt at extortion.

Federal Negotiation

Government Secretary Jehú Salas Dávila reported that the negotiations between ejidatarios and Gold Corp are taken over by the federal government, since they carry all the issues of mining regulation.

He said that closing a company like Goldcorp would affect not only the region or the workers of that company, but the economic development of the whole state, where thousands of jobs would be truncated.

"Goldcorp has been very reiterative as a company that will not yield to any economic proposal, that is, it will not give money to any organization; however, he put on the table the creation of water treatment plants, a hospital and several social works, "the secretary said.

In addition, he assured that the state government has served as an intermediary, and has been in constant communication and helping in everything that is in his hands, to find a sensible conciliation by the parties involved and achieve the resumption of activities.

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