Pedro Moral on the accusation of blackmail and extortion against Sheyla Rojas: "It's a misunderstanding and I know it will not continue" | Shows


Pedro Moral communicated with the program "Mujeres al Mando" and " to clarify some points that were not clear after going through the red chair of The Value of Truth. However, the drivers wanted to take the opportunity to ask some questions.

Karen Schwarz He read the police report with Sheyla Rojas's Pedro Moral by harassment, extortion, blackmail and violence against women in the form of psychological aggression. Faced with this, he said:

"This is something that will be discussed at the moment and between lawyers, but it is not something that worries me, I prefer not to testify, it is a misunderstanding and I know that this complaint will not continue. Pedro Moral.

Although drivers insisted that Pedro Moral talk about the complaints and make a mea culpa by sitting in the red chair, the employer refused to say more about it. What he did was apologize to Sheyla Rojas and Antonio Pavón mention your child in The value of truth

"I want to apologize to her (Sheyla) and Antonio for mentioning Antoñito in the program because I believe that a child should never be on the subject of adults and I love him with all my heart, but it seems to me that a child should not be mentioned in such a sensitive issue, "he said. Pedro Moral.

Pedro Moral

Pedro Moral


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