Pagan Online, Wargaming's new bet, launches in early access


Its makers bet on an action RPG rich in elements of hack and slash.

By Marcos Yasif / 8 reviews

War games and Mad Head Games today they celebrate the launch before Pagan Online, a curious Spanish-language videogame that seeks to test the player's skills in a "modernized" hack and slash for PC.

Pagan Online offers an action-packed experience where, as stated in the press release, you follow the steps of a top-down classic with creatures inhabiting dungeons while redefining the RPG action RPG genre per session, similar to a MOBA with one challenging combat easy to learn but hard to master.

"With Pagan Online, Our goal is to drive action RPG games. Although we have the giants of the genre, what we want to achieve is a renewed experience in hack and slash games for which the return is repeated and exposed Jacob Beucler, director of publications of Wargaming. "Early access is the first step in getting Pagan Online to reach gamers around the world as we continue the work of finalizing and perfecting the title," he adds.

Its managers hope that these months of early access to Steam, while also being available through Wargaming's site, will be able to gather enough feedback for a title that has a wide variety of interactive environments and randomly generated encounters, inspired by the Pre-Christian Slavic Mythology, eight unlockable characters with their own abilities, as well as a five-act campaign and various game modes among other attractions.

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