Osiptel: these are the operators that offer the fastest mobile internet


O Oversight of Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel) reported on the result of the quality measurements of telecommunications services carried out in 2018, a study that revealed the average speeds reached by mobile internet operators in the country.

Entel has the highest average speed, with 28.94 megabits per second in downloading data and 27.5 in data upload. In this ranking, Movistar ranks second with 23.52 mbps in download and 18.29 mbps in upload.

Claro ranks third, with 18.28 mbps in the download and 14.54 in the upload, followed by Bitel, with 10.53 mbps in the download and 9.27 mbps in the upload.

Regarding the minimum average speed, Osiptel detected that Bitel and Claro do not reach the required 90%, unlike Entel and Movistar, in download speed. At data upload speed, Claro, Movistar, Bitel and Entel reach the minimum average speed.

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