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The Judiciary validated (approved) the benefit agreement and effective collaboration that on February 15 last signed the Public Prosecutor's Office and the prosecutor's ad hoc office with the construction company. Odebrecht, announced on Wednesday the promoter Rafael Vela, coordinator of the special team Car wash.

"The agreement was approved without any restriction, according to the terms established by the Public Prosecutor's Office, which is the end of an effort with many difficulties," Vela told a news conference.

Odebrecht: chronology of the collaboration agreement signed in Brazil.

Odebrecht, Peruvian attorneys and lawyers signed an effective collaboration agreement.

This agreement will allow the Lava Jato Case receive information and key documents for the investigations in four cases (Interoceánica Sur, Lima subway, Vía Evitamiento de Cusco and Costa Verde section Callao) in which the construction company has already admitted the delivery of bribes.

This is the project for the Costa Verde-Callao section, the work to improve Cusco's Evitamiento Route, the South Interoceanic Road Corridor project (sections 2 and 3) and the Lima subway line 1 project (Sections 1 and 2 ). and 2).

"It is a landmark in the system of jurisprudence, the first case of a collaborative decision at the corporate level," said promoter Vela.

The agreement also contemplates the value of civil compensation in S / .610 million. The money will be paid in 15 annual installments, starting in 2019.

Odebrecht It will provide information on My Web Day and Drousys systems, and it will also be possible to obtain further statements from the former Odebrecht representative in Peru, Jorge Barata, and former directors who received the award in Brazil.

Vela also noted that, for the validation of the agreement, 16 hearings were held in the Judiciary. "The sentence will be known to the people investigated," he said.

In addition to Rafael Vela attend the press conference, promoter José Domingo Pérez, special team, as well as the ad hoc promoters Jorge Ramírez and Silvana Carrión (attached).

The control of legality was in charge of Judge María Álvarez Camacho, head of the First National Court of Preparatory Investigation of the National System Specialized in Employee Corruption Crimes.

The agreement was presented to the Judiciary last April and the approval process lasted three months, during which several hearings were held.

For an effective collaboration agreement to be valid, the information must first be corroborated by the prosecutor and finally approved by a judge.


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