Wednesday , June 23 2021

Nintendo Switch updates its firmware to version 8.1.0

Nintendo has released a new firmware update for the Nintendo Switch, specifically the version 8.1.0. The hybrid console, which is set for a summer full of releases – you can check the complete calendar here, you can now download this file to any of your models, regardless of the region.

According to the official description, this version 8.1.0 in Nintendo Switch includes only "adjustments to overall system stability to enhance the user experience". There is no update on Joy-Con, nor are there any additional notes that directly affect the user. More information on the official website.

To upgrade the console is very simple: the first thing we should have guaranteed is an Internet access port – either wireless or cable – connected to the Nintendo Switch. Once we have this active connection, we turn to System Settings> System> System Update. In a matter of seconds or minutes, depending on the connection speed and the weight of the update, which in this case is very small, the console will be restarted and we can make normal use of the machine again.

It is necessary to have the console updated to its latest version in order to use the online services of any Nintendo Switch video game; also to access the digital store, the eShop.

A summer with a couple of dozens of great games

As we said, it will be a tight summer in the releases of the Nintendo Switch. After a Nintendo Direct full of ads, the second half of the year 2019 will not give a break to users of the hybrid, who accused of not having enough weight releases in the first half of the course.

Highlights include names like Super Mario Maker 2, Astral Current, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3; or already in September with Ni No Kuni, Dragon Quest X S and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, among many others.

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