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Tokyo. The Japanese video game giant Nintendo planned launch a cheaper version of its console in the fall To change designed for portable use, according to the Nikkei local economic daily.

The model can be docked and connected to the TV as the original model, detailed in an article in which he approaches the next plans of the company.

According to the Nikkei, the next step Nintendo after the launch of the most economical model will be the development of a next-generation device this will mark "a complete change from the current hardware model"although the process is at such an incipient moment that it is unclear who will lead its creation.

The Japanese media article is published after the Wall Street Journal reported in March that the Kyoto-based company plans to launch two new and improved switch models in 2019.

One would be more powerful and would be aimed at avid gamers, and the other would be cheaper and would be thinking about portable use, it said quoting component vendors and game developers who had early access to the prototype.

The new To change would hit the market more than two years after the launch in March 2017 of Japan's latest large-format platform, which functions as a home console when connected to a dock, but also as a portable device separate from it.

The company sold 32.27 million Switch units through December 31 last year around the world, over the 13.56 million copies of its predecessor, the Wii U, since its launch in 2012.

Despite the good performance of To change, the company reduced its forecast of units from 20 to 17 million sold in the second year of the island's life in its latest financial report.

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