Sunday , June 20 2021

Miraflores: Korean City Takes Off With Shotgun [VIDEO] Police officers

Panic in Miraflores. Un korean ciudadano, with a shotgun back in hand, untied a swing in the urbanization La Aurora. In accordance with the National Police, the man will do at least 50 rounds.

This unusual time has led to the fact that, along with the calls from the Fresas and the Moras, the PNP patrols SUAT and 10 members of Serenazgo's Miraflores.

In the place, on the ground intervening in the Korean city, bell, a woman and a child of about 3 years. She kept a sentimental relationship with the shooter who made the shots when she wanted to leave her house.

The balacera, which occurred at the promissory 2:30 am at dawn of this martes, terminated with the reduced Korean city and with other Koreans detained in the Miraflores.

In total, there were four Asian citizens of the city who were facing police discharges.

If I suppose the author of the shots uses the weapon of fire because the woman who wants to take the minor age. This one, whose name was unknown, had ammunition for the shotgun in his house where he had lived for five months.

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