Tuesday , January 19 2021

Minsa: 34,149 people died of COVID-19 across the country, with more than 888,000 confirmed cases

A total of 34,149 people died across the country from the new coronavirus, as reported this evening by the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

According to the COVID-19 Situation RoomOn October 24, 54 deaths were recorded.

Regarding the number of positive cases of the disease, the Health sector indicated that the number rises to 888,715 across the country.

The daily balance also shows that the number of people who beat the disease is 807 636.

Regarding the number of people hospitalized for the new coronavirus, the Minsa said that so far there are 5,492 patients who are still fighting the disease.

The portfolio added that the number of tests sampled to date at the national level is 4,390,402, in molecular and rapid tests.


‘Living space’: in this program, Dr. Elmer Huerta explains a study by British researchers, which indicates that 10% of the patients studied would have long-term sequelae of the disease.

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