Minedu removes the school principal, where three school children were doped


Jorge Félix Lucho Sandoval, the director responsible for the school Hipolito Unanue, where three students were doped last Wednesday, was dismissed from his post in a preventive manner, according to the Ministry of Education (Minedu).

The decision was taken by the Disciplinary Administrative Procedures Commission of the Metropolitan Regional Delegation of Lima (DRELM), after knowing the results of the preliminary investigation carried out in the aforementioned educational institution in Lima.

Then, the DRELM and UGEL 03 installed an intervening commission in the school that will be in charge, from now on, to attend to the students in a complete way. This work team is composed of specialists in the area of ​​management, supervision, mentoring and coexistence of UGEL.

For its part, Minedu announced that it will strengthen the development of activities involving teachers, parents and students in order to prevent cases of violence and drug use in educational institutions.

The affected children, as well as the designated academic responsible for doping, will receive psychological and socio-emotional support from the sector.(I.e.

The key

  • In the case of violence against school-aged children, the Ombudsman's office requested the modification of Minedu's regulations. They ensure that in 5 years 5,506 complaints were filed against teachers.


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