Military personnel are discharged –


The five soldiers hospitalized in the clinic of the Military Social Security Corporation (COSSMIL) in Sucre were discharged last weekend, after staying for more than three days in observation and did not present symptoms of hantavirus.

Although one of them initially had headache and cough, they stopped when they received medication. Therefore, after a medical evaluation, two of them were discharged on Thursday and, on Friday, the other three, said SEDES director of Epidemiology, Ronald Perez.

He added that, as a precaution, uniform surveillance will continue until May. "The incubation period of this disease (hantavirus) goes from three days to six weeks, (therefore) we will follow the corresponding until May 10 (date) in which the long incubation period of this disease will be fulfilled," he said. .

The military was at Sanandita Condor School (Yacuiba-Tarija), where two policemen lost their lives due to hantavirus, a disease transmitted by the long-tailed rat, authorities ruled out the presence of this animal in the cities.



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