Friday , April 23 2021

Merchants simulate "funeral procession" of Mayor Ricardo Velezmoro

Traders from the city of Lambayeque, they performed the simulation of a "funeral procession" Mayor Ricardo Velezmoro Ruiz, to categorically reject his claim to carry out remodeling works in the Modelo market of this province.

Sellers dressed in black, handkerchiefs and headscarves were placed on their heads and carried a coffin in the vicinity of the commercial precinct, to reject the plans of the current mayor.

"We said we will defend the market with a series of mobilizations, and so we are doing this. Velezmoro has nothing to do with this job, who will have to see the new mayor, "said the merchants.

As you recall, the municipal authorities warned traders that the project would be executed in any way, despite his constant refusal. Even the mayor, speaking to the media, has assured that work will be done anyway, no matter what.

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