Mendoza, on alert for possible cases of measles


Due to the case of measles detected in Santa Fe and that motivated the Secretary of Health of the Nation to issue an epidemiological alert, Mendoza performed a specific procedure for the disease in the case of a patient presenting symptoms, which should be treated quickly.

The Measles Cases Flowchart was created by the Immunization Department of the Province. The head of the area, Iris Aguilar, reported: "Surveillance is performed in cases of febrile exanthematous disease (a group of infections characterized by rashes and increased temperature) .All notifications that are given throughout the year will be investigated with tests to be able to discard and at the same time be on the alert. "

"For example, if a patient is found to have symptoms, the provider is required to notify the Department, as well as perform blood, urine and nasopharyngeal swab tests. The last outbreak occurred in 1997-1998, when 34 cases of this virus occurred "At that time, it was imported by a person who traveled abroad, as happened recently in Santa Fe. For that reason, we have to be alert," said Aguilar.

Immunization campaigns to prevent measles occur approximately every four years. These are follow-up campaigns "to catch children who were not timely reached or were poorly immunized". The last one was carried out between October and November of 2018, and Mendoza was in second place in the vaccination, well above Buenos Aires and the Federal Capital.

"A person who is vaccinated is protected against measles, so it is very important not to believe the myths that vaccines give us," explained Aguilar; and said that "outbreaks have sprung up in other countries, especially in Venezuela and Europe. They are linked to the anti-vaccine movements that were growing and attributed to the effects of vaccines that they do not really have."

Source: The Sun


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