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It had to be said and said " Is the new viral meme in recent weeks. It is a yellow girl who breaks her hand against the table, exclaiming the expression already mentioned. It is a success in Facebook and Twitter

Where is new meme What is used by organizations like the Judiciary and EsSalud? The phrase came from the world of & # 39; Club Penguin & # 39 ;, a Disney online video game where users interacted with each other using little penguins as main characters.

At the same time, players could write dialogues to communicate with each other and between sentences came the famous "had to say and told himself".

& # 39; Club Penguin & # 39; was a little over 10 years until Disney decided to end it, however, now with the new memes in Facebook and Twitter, the game is getting famous again. Although there is a difference: they are not penguins, now it's a girl.

The animal, which by its resemblance could be the baby Kiiroitori, friend of the famous bear Rilakkuma, both characters created by the Japanese company San-X.

The new memes in Facebook and Twitter they took the yellow cub as a reference for the animal to end with the phrase: "It had to be said and said."


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