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Mascarello verified the attention of febrile patients in the hospital of Perón

April 29, 2019 – 4:58 PM
The Health Minister reported that reported cases of dengue are linked to epidemiological records. In the sector he visited, there was only one minor in the hospital.

Public Health Minister Roque Mascarello supervised the hospital in Tartagal, Juan Domingo Perón, where he observed the operation of the feverish room, where at that time there was only one minor patient, who was hospitalized Sunday night with a presumptive diagnosis of gastroenterocolitis . The child is stable and waiting for laboratory results.

As reported by the Province, during the weekend, only two hospitalizations were registered due to febrile syndrome, both of whom were discharged from hospital.

In April, 207 patients were notified of febrile syndrome, of which 37 were hospitalized.

Mascarello checked the stock of medicines for the treatment of febrile syndromes. The hospital pharmacy has ibuprofen, paracetamol and insect repellent. "The supply is continuous, we never had a gap, last weekend we received 12,000 doses added to the 14,340 cases of paracetamol and 11,300 cases of ibuprofen sent by the Ministry of Health in the last 6 months," explained José Fernández, responsible for the hospital of Tartagal.

The Minister of Health said that the operational area of ​​Tartagal is working with all the resources needed to resolve the situation. He also reported that during the period of intensified surveillance of febrile cases is reinforcing the weekend guards with doctors who are sent from Salta.

Epidemiological Situation

The Coordinator of Epidemiology of the Province informed yesterday that in Tartagal from October last year until today, of the 742 patients notified with febrile syndrome, only 195 were confirmed by dengue. The 547 remaining febrile patients were discarded by the dengue laboratory. Throughout the province there are 684 confirmed cases, which were registered in the cities of Oran, Tartagal, Salvador Mazza, Colonia Santa Rosa, Pichanal, Aguaray, Morillo, Santa Victoria Leste, Ship, Rivadavia Banda Sur, Mosconi, Güemes and La Unión

"All are cases of classical dengue, there are no cases of severe dengue, patients with zika, chikungunya or dengue deaths are not registered," the statement said.

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