Sunday , June 20 2021

Magaly Medina after calling & # 39; cantinflas & # 39; for Gisela Valcárcel and & # 39; silly & # 39; to Jazmín Pinedo: "I didn't ignore them as women, just criticized their TV performance" | Photo 1 of 3 | Concerts

Magaly Medina will continue next year with her ATV concert program and clarified that she has criticized Gisela Valcárcel and Jazmín Pinedo for their work on the small screen of chica & # 39 ;.

This week you tagged your team in the air and criticism rained down …
What happens is that after many years we go back to working together and mistakes are made, and as I am competitive and perfectionist, these things happen that we will correct.

Your AB rating comes in two double-digit editions …
Yes, but I would like this number to be daily.

The goal is to close this year with an average of 12 points.
At 10, we're fine, because we've already made it, we're ahead of the show's programs, and we've won and tied, and I'm # 39. We have good expectations for next year.

Does that mean you renewed with ATV to continue?
Not yet, but we will continue, the signature is the last one.

I have heard your difficult qualifications for Gisela Valcárcel and Jasmine Pinedo, is it not an excess in times of any aggression against women?

The terms & # 39; silly & # 39 ;, & # 39; silly & # 39; and & # 39; Cantinflas & # 39; there will always be because there are women who unfortunately have no neurons or bataclanas who have been illustrated a bit but I didn't ignore them as women, I criticized their television performance because that's my work

Gisela producer Armando Tafur said you speak and are aware of his program because it works for you.
This is false because we are referring to what happened to Michelle Soifer, who was at the height of the wave; To me, it goes unnoticed.

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