Luna Rosa: amazing event caused astonishment on Good Friday


Good Friday, we witness one of the most incredible astronomical events that can be seen on our planet, the so-called Luna Rosa. History and science gave this name to the event because of its peculiar color and goes back to the time of the Native Americans. They named it the fourth full moon of the year, according to information collected by Almanac of the old farmer.

But the moon, in fact, does not turn pink. This is what the first Native Americans called in honor of the first spring flowersPhlox wild. They named the spring moon this way, inspired by the pink color of wildflowers. This moon meant the appearance of "pink moss" or the phlox of the wild land in the territory.

It should be added that the phenomenon was also known as "Egg moon"for the Easter season in which it happened, the" Moon of the fish "or the" Sprout of the Moon of the Grass ".


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