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Lorena Alvarez fainted after hearing sentence against Juan Mendoza for aggravated defamation | Photo 1 of 3 | Shows


Justice gave his decision. After two years, the 16 th Criminal Court of Lima sentenced the economist Juan Mendoza Pérez, a former partner of Lorena Alvarez, to one year in prison for aggravated defamation against the Latin journalist.

Through Twitter, the host of 90 Mediodía said that this Monday, June 10 was held the hearing where the ruling of the Court was read. After hearing the news, Lorena Alvarez She had a fainting spell and had to be taken to a local clinic.

"They condemned him, they finally doomed, I do not care if it is a year for aggravated defamation or 15 thousand soles, he is guilty, after almost two years, justice gives me the right, he is guilty of saying that my complaint by violence was part of a political plot, it was not, "he wrote on Twitter.

Lorena Alvarez He said that as a result of the stress he suffered this Monday, June 10, he collapsed. The journalist said that after living with Juan MendozaI was suffering from post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorder.

"I was medicated for months, I was shocked by the reading, although I'm in the clinic, I do not feel like a victim, I'm the heroine of my story, I rescued myself, all the women, do not give in. Macho wins the battle, it hurts, but every favorable court ruling helps the next one, "he continued. Lorena Alvarez in your social network.

On the other hand, the communicator said that she will continue with the Juan Mendoza for violence and asked the Judiciary for a next trial date. Lorena Alvarez He emphasized that he will not surrender in his fight.

"I am still waiting for the Judiciary to give me a date for the trial due to the violence, but I will not give up, no matter how many times I revitalize or how many people attack me. I will not give up, today we win all women," he said.


During an interview with Rosana Cueva at the Panorama, Juan Mendoza said he learned that Lorena Alvarez allegedly had a relationship with Carlos Paredes, a married man. What the economist did not expect is that the PCM employee call the program to deny it.

"The reason (of this campaign against me) is that I learned that Lorena Alvarez maintained a relationship with Carlos Paredes, who is married and works in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, with Ms. Mercedes Aráoz," said Juan Mendoza this interview.

Carlos Paredes He said he would file a libel suit against him for telling a lie to his lawyer. At this moment, Lorena Alvarez did not comment on those declarations Juan Mendoza.

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