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The congressman Javier Velásquez Quesquén He denied that there is a "shock force" within the APRA party, as former Peruvian vice-president Miguel Atala assured after he handed over the former president. Alan García US $ 1.3 million Odebrecht He deposited in Andorra.

– Jorge Barata did not exonerate Alan García, indicated that the former president knew of the agreements he had with Luis Nava. Has your party not rushed to proclaim the innocence of the former president?
Our institutional line as a party is to support all investigations, even those that have to do with serious acts of corruption, but what we must never forget is the presumption of innocence, which is a fundamental right that is in the Constitution. What we have done with prudence is to wait for it to arrive [a Lima] Declaration of Barata, which is translated and corroborated. The only testimony of a person who, in addition, has the status of effective collaborator, can not be in any way an early sentence.

– Alan Garcia knew, according to Barata's testimony, about the bribes that Odebrecht delivered to Toledo through the Interoceanic South, but did nothing …
This is a statement from Mr. Barata that he will have to prove. Sadly, former President Alan García is not alive and can not bear his testimony, but it is a version that has to be confronted with factual evidence, because if in this country we start condemning people by the only word, then there is no state right.

– How does former President Alan García leave Miguel Atala's confession? That phrase falls "other sold, I do not"?
Atala's statements are serious, but they have to be corroborated a fortiori, and we hope, as Atala said, that he provide documentary evidence. Atala gave different versions, first the money [en Andorra] it was a payment [de Odebrecht] for a piece of land, then he blamed a partner who is dead and now that Alan Garcia is not saying that [el dinero] It's the former president. His only statement can not be given as an unquestionable statement.

"Did Atala request house arrest through her confession?"
Of course yes. Look, Mr. Atala came from giving two different versions. And the most serious is that his lawyer [Julio Rodríguez] resigned in Brazil because he changed his version. So in what version do we believe, at any moment, until this corroborates.

– Prior to the indictment, Miguel Atala said he fears the "striking force" of the Aprista party. Is this group inside the People's House?
It does not exist and man does not know the game. Since democracy was restored, there has never been talk about the non-existent "shock force," the party has no "shock force," which is a legend that has not been proven over time because it does not exist. We have had political opponents who have unjustly accused us in the last 20 years. When was there a reprisal against them? It turns out that Mr. Atala, who is not a militant or knows the party, speaks of a "shock force". Because? To justify the house arrest.

– Prosecutor José Domingo Pérez has asked the prosecutor's office to open an investigation to determine who is part of the so-called "shock force" …
This already seems an obvious political persecution. Let them do this, but they will find no "shock force"! The party has no "shock force". Check the background of the last 25 or 30 years; When there was an account of some "shock force" APRA tried against someone. It is a nonexistent idea raised by Mr. Atala and that a promoter assumes without any verification. It is clear that there is an intention to undermine the image of a democratic party such as Apra.

– Atala was vice president of Petro-Perú, an entity with which Odebrecht did not offer. Why, then, would the Brazilian construction company give him a bribe?
I can not speculate sir, this is what the investigation is for, the investigation has not ended, the high school just started. So we must let the Public Ministry and the Judiciary do their work.

Does Atala's Confession Affect the Aprista Party?
I can not deny that this seriously and sensitively affects the game. And a statement of this nature against Alan Garcia, who after Haya de la Torre has been the leader of the most important party, how this will not affect and how he will not call us to worry. The former president can no longer defend himself and we, we reiterate, are waiting for Mr. Atala to correct everything he said. After the game you will have a final position on the subject.

– Luis Nava was not a minister when Odebrecht tipped him …
We will not speculate. What you have to do is wait for Mr. Nava, who is in delicate health, to start declaring and he will tell you why he received this money, where it is and what was done. Why do we have to move on? We are not [comprendidos] research. We have to let the judicial system do its job.

"Barata also said that her son worked for Odebrecht. Did you ask him to hire you?
My son is 33 years old, lives in Bogotá and I understand that he [a Odebrecht en Colombia] in 2014, he was a legal assistant, he was a year and a half old.

"Did you ask Barata to help your son join Odebrecht in Colombia?"
By no means, when Mr. Barata's official statement arrives, will he be seen.

– Barata says he donated US $ 200,000 to former minister Luis Alva Castro for the Apra campaign in 2006 …
The investigation began, even the party leaders and those who were in the past gave their testimony. And comrade Alva Castro denied receiving this money and that money does not appear in the report given by the party in 2006. So what Barata has to do is prove that he gave that money to Alva Castro.

– Documents from Odebrecht's Structured Operations Division account for these payments, and Alva Castro was codenamed "Laque & # 39 ;. Is not that proof of the transfer?
It's a test to start an investigation. Is there any evidence that this money was given to Alva Castro? There is a document from that office that justifies the exit of the money, what the investigation has to do is prove or prove that the money that came out was given to Alva Castro.

– Do not you think that by defending Alan Garcia they forgot APRA and also self-criticism?
No, we are not forgetting the party, what we are doing is defending the image of our party, who is 93 years old. As the investigations progress, the party will make its decisions. We are not judges, there are statements that need to be corroborated. Once they are corroborated one way or another, the part will have a clearer and stronger position.

– The Aprista Party has a future, will have to take on the effect of the Odebrecht Case and will there be no more Alan Garcia?
The Aprista Party had its own existence before and after former President Alan Garcia. Unfortunately, he is not alive, but the party is a political organization that is sustained and built on an ideology, principled and transcends serious and delicate economic problems. The party will continue to exist.

– Did the leadership of the Aprista Party know that former President García had decided to take his own life before being arrested?
We did not know, otherwise we would have done something to avoid it. What he has always said is that he has suffered persecution since the 1990s and that our opponents have tried to criminalize his actions to punish Apra. That is why we defend ourselves in Congress and in the judicial sphere, because it would not be allowed through it to seek to humiliate the APRA Party. But the unfortunate decision he made, obviously, we did not know.

– If the decision to take one's life belonged to former President García, why do some Aprista congressmen try to blame the prosecution and the police for his death?
From what I heard Jorge del Castillo, he is not blaming anyone, what made it clear is that the intervention of the Public Prosecutor's Office and the police [en la casa de Alan García] It is defective and needs to be clarified. The video is cut and has no audio and the promoter has not identified, but from there blame them [por la muerte de García]no It would be irresponsible to say that this or that institution is responsible for Alan García's death.


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