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By Claudio Paz Rodríguez

Kingdom Hearts is one of the most important sagas in the world of video games. It came after Tetsuya Nomura, a Square Enix worker, met a manager of Disney Japan and suggested that he make a video game by mixing the Disney characters with those of the saga he worked on, Final Fantasy. After several conversations, Disney gave him total freedom to use his characters in the first video game released in 2002 for Playstation 2, Kingdom Hearts l. From there, the franchise began to launch different titles that told small details and presented different characters, but did not advance the main story. It is in 2005, when the second numbered game came out, Kingdom Hearts ll. Now, after 14 years of the last numbered title of the saga, Kingdom Hearts comes to an end with the delivery of Kingom Hearts lll.

The story, although very long and complex, can be understood without going into details. Sora, the main character, seeks to leave his home island and meet other worlds. So he joins a raft with his best friends, Riku and Kairi. Unfortunately, on the day they left, dark beings from another world invaded their island, plunging it into darkness. Sora wakes up in a city where all the people who lose their worlds go, but their friends are not with him. This is where, by coincidence of fate, he meets Goofy and Donald Duck. They are seeking to fulfill the mission that King Mickey Mouse entrusted to them, to find the bearer of a weapon capable of returning light to the worlds, the "key sword." This carrier turns out to be Sora, so they decide to join forces to find their friends and King Mickey.

In Kingdom Hearts III, the story continues with the events of the latest Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance game, originally released for Nintendo 3DS and then remastered for PlayStation 4. After the long journey that the heroes made, they discover that the antagonist, who seeks to plunge all worlds into darkness, is an old bearer of the "key sword," the master Xehanort. This time, the protagonists are seeking to recruit more keyblade carriers to deal with the incredible power of Xehanort and ultimately defeat the darkness.

This last installment uses the worlds of Disney in a masterful way. In the cases of the older films, the events that supposedly occur after the original stories of these worlds will be narrated. In the most modern, the original story of these films will be told. Similarly, we have no surprise based on the selected Disney and Pixar worlds, all these are those that have been seen in the large number of trailers of the last few years: Big Hero 6, Tangled, Frozen, Hercules, Monster's Inc , Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean and Winnie the Pooh.

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► Graphic Section

Kingdom Hearts has always stood out for its impressive level design and incredible graphics section, but the latest games of the saga have been somewhat obsolete for the time. Therefore, Kingdom Hearts III shows a great evolution in this aspect. Both Disney worlds and the original saga look spectacular and on many occasions, you may wonder if original scenes from the movies were used. However, all scenes are completely elaborated by Square Enix, so it looks like an even more majestic video game. On the other hand, the animations are very well achieved and provide more realism to the characters. In the previous games of the saga, they were modeled almost in 3D inert that the most human that it managed was to blink. In addition, the magic of Disneyland is reflected in the attractions, which are new invocations based on the Disney amusement parks, which not only look great, but also have a set of lights that will leave you impressed.

► Revolution in combat

While it is true that the combat adapts different mechanics seen in other parts of the saga, the new main mechanic is the transformation of our weapon par excellence "the key blade." This can now be turned into different objects based on Disney worlds such as shells, toy hammers and even lightning weapons. This adds to the possibility of switching between three "sword keys" at the time of combat, which provides greater fluidity and ability to develop different combinations. As for the attractions, we consider that they can spoil the sense of difficulty for the purists of the saga; however, these are still optional.

► The sound section

The song is backed by the two great artists who have participated in Kingom Hearts since its inception: Yoko Shimomura, responsible for soundtracks and instrumental music, and Utada Hikaru, responsible for the thematic songs at the beginning and end of the game. There is also the surprising participation of the American DJ "Skrillex". Despite the strange combination, we think, it is excellent. Also, in some cases, the music is used correctly in the movies, so you're likely to get excited again.

► Not everything is perfect

Kingdom Hearts III has bugs that some fans of the saga will not forgive. They are few, but they are perceptible. First, some Disney or Pixar worlds could be even more developed. They all look spectacular, of course, but there are some that are designed very well, which go so far as to outshine some. Second, something that the true fans of the saga will not forgive, is the absence of Final Fantasy characters. Kingdom Hearts III does not count anywhere in the development of the story with only one Final Fantasy character and this is something that disappoints fans of the franchise. Third, the little variety of "sword keys" compared to the previous games of the saga. While it's true, adding transformations to keyblades causes the list of possibilities in terms of weapons to be cut off, it's a bit disappointing not to have emblematic swords that have been reached in Kingdom Hearts ll. Finally, the original worlds of the saga either do not exist or are very poor. From now on we can anticipate that some worlds will be seen, but not all will be playable.


Kingdom Hearts lll is not perfect, but it is extremely wonderful and your wait was worth it. As usual, appeal to the feeling and nostalgia that strikes the child that everyone has inside. It is a video game that is worth trying, it will take between 25 to 30 hours to complete the story, and more to complete 100%. If we had to define it with a word, that would be: magic.

– Kingdom Hearts lll was released on January 25, 2019 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Its price in major stores in Peru is 239.90 soles.

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