Keto or ketogenic diet, what is and how the most popular diet of the moment works


keto diet

Nowadays everyone is talking about the Keto diet, but surely you want to know what it is, how to do it and really do not know if it will work for you. It is important to know all the bases before starting a feed plan.

What is the Keto diet?

It is a diet plan in which we leave out of the diet all the sugar and carbohydrates to change the source of energy used by your body daily. When you stop receiving glucose, your body needs to generate a new source of energy to survive; generating molecules called ketone bodies. These are produced from adipose tissue.

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How to make a Keto diet?

In order to make a ketogenic diet, it is important to consult a specialist to be able to track it. The basis of the diet is to eliminate sugars and carbohydrates, to consume moderately proteins and to increase the consumption of fats (ideally vegetables). As a recommendation, you can use MCT OIL to increase the production of ketones and test strips to measure urine ketones and to ensure that you are properly dieting and are in ketosis.

Who does this style of food work?

For people with excess adipose tissue or high percentage of fat, for people with autoimmune diseases (since sugar is their worst enemy) and for people with hormonal imbalances to decrease or regulate their production. People who engage in physical activity can benefit from this diet as long as they keep track of the amount of calories they consume during the day.

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The three most important benefits of taking this diet are:

  • Fat Burning: Ketones turn off ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and
    cholecystein increases, which makes you feel satisfied.
  • Energy boost: Helps the brain to create more mitochondria,
    generators within the cells
  • Reduce Inflammation: The ketone diet is anti-inflammatory and protects against
    degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and cancer.

If you are interested in changing your future habits and having radical changes in your body composition, this style of eating can be the first step towards achieving your goals!

Lic. Maite Sapiña

Nutritionist at @lafabricawellness


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