Wednesday , January 20 2021

Karla Tarazona is pregnant with Rey de los Huevos: couple booking a restaurant to celebrate “the miracle of life” |

BABY ON BOARD. Karla Tarazona surprised her followers by posting photos of a very luxurious restaurant where she and her partner would have made a reservation. The followers of the King of the Eggs asked him questions about the celebration and he hinted that the radio host would be waiting.

“We are celebrating the miracle of life”, replied the King of the Eggs to a follower who asked him what he was celebrating Karla Tarazona. The message on Instagram caused many followers of Rafael Fernández to react with joy to the unexpected news.

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Karla Tarazona He declined to comment, but on previous occasions he indicated that he hoped to give the businessman a son soon. Apparently, both would have worked hard on this project and the children of the announcer and the King of the Eggs would have a new little brother.

“I have three children and she is the same, it would be nice to have a small woman”, Rafael Fernández said in an interview with about the possibilities for Karla Tarazona to give him a child in September this year. A month and a half later, his wish seems to have come true.

Karla Tarazona is pregnant with Rey de los Huevos

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