Monday , June 21 2021

Juliana Oxenford gives her opinion on Augusto Thorndike’s interview with Vizcarra at Cuarto Poder VIDEO Magaly Medina

Last Sunday, social media “exploded” because of an interview that President Martín Vizcarra gave to Fourth power. From that conversation he had with Augusto Thorndike much has been said, since the aide made controversial comments against the president.

In this sense, journalist Juliana Oxenford appeared on the program Magaly TV the company and pointed out – among other things – his position in relation to the criticisms that fell on Thorndike via social networks.

As we recall, at the end of the interview, the journalist said to President Vizcarra the following: “I hope he doesn’t go to Canada … And I’m not talking about the embassy”.

In this context, Juliana commented: “It was not how I had to treat a president. You have to investigate him, but if you have him there, you will have to admit that he is the head of state. “

However, at another point he agreed with Magaly Medina that Thorndike is an excellent journalist and very cultured, so the criticisms seem excessive.

“I don’t think it’s fair that they hit him with a stick and don’t recognize Augusto’s entire career, he’s a very smart guy”, concluded Juliana Oxenford, who is on leave after giving birth to her second child.

(Source: ATV)

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