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San Francisco. The American electronics giant, Intel, said on Tuesday that it withdraws from the business of the 5G smartphone modemHours later, Apple and chip maker Qualcomm announced they had reached an agreement to wrap up a battle for royalty payments.

Modems that connect the smart phones Telecommunications networks were at the heart of the battle between Apple and Qualcomm.

Intel I say that "will complete an assessment of the opportunities for 4G and 5G modems on computers, internet devices and other data-centric devices"while looking for investment opportunities in its 5G network infrastructure business.

"5G remains a strategic priority Inteland our team has developed a rich portfolio of wireless products and intellectual property"Chief Executive Bob Swan said in a statement.

"We are evaluating our options to get the value we have created, including opportunities across a wide variety of platforms and data-centric devices in a 5G world"

– The Apple and Qualcomm Factor –

On Tuesday, Apple and Qualcomm announced an agreement that put an end to all legal disputes related to patents they held open in various parts of the world.

The two companies issued a brief joint statement in which they did not offer specific details such as values ​​or dates but ensured that the decision would end "any litigation that is in progress"including those that Qualcomm maintains with Apple's suppliers.

As part of the agreement, Apple agreed to pay Qualcomm (which in most cases was the plaintiff) an unspecified amount, and Qualcomm has granted Apple a six-year license that can be extended to two others to use its technology.

In addition, the company from San Diego (California, United States) will provide new chips for the iPhone maker during "many years"

For many years, Qualcomm has been supplying chips for the iPhone, a business relationship that has deteriorated over time and Apple finally broke completely last year when it stopped using microprocessors from that company for its new XS model.

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