Tuesday , April 20 2021

Instagram: Mayra Goñi and the look that stole all eyes of Daddy Yankee | Jockey Club of Peru | Video | Shows

This Saturday, November 18, Daddy Yankee's concert was held at the Jockey Club of Peru and before entering the main stage, the singer Mayra Goñi was in charge of opening the musical event with her colleague Leslie Shaw and other artists of the national urban genre.

Mayra Goñi She was very excited to share the stage with an international artist and did not hesitate to share videos and photos of her account on Instagram, where she showed her presentation on Jockey Club of Peru.

Mayra Goñi fans were delighted with their sticky themes and at the same time expressed their admiration for the sexy clothes of the singer who was seen with a tight gold body filled with diamonds.

In this musical performance, the actress from "Come, Dance, Quinceanera & # 39; left behind the curls and became totally flabby in the style of his colleagues Natti Natasha and Karol G.

Mayra Goñi He made it clear that he not only has the talent to sing and fell in love with the demanding Peruvian audience with songs such as "Sola y soltera", "Maldito", "O Mundo de Mis Sueños" and other songs.

Mayra Goñi

Mayra Goñi has great popularity in social networks and this is reflected in Instagram, where the singer and actress has more than a million and a half followers.

The 26-year-old actress takes advantage of this cyberspace and shares sensual images that generate a host of fan reactions as well as shine alongside her partner, Fabio Agostini, with whom he has several months of relationship.

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