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One of the most feared lists by those in debt is Infocorp. This risk center, also known as Equifax, not only has information on debtors, but also data on the credit history of all Peruvians moving through the banking system.

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So even if you don’t have debts, this entity will have your data and register your profile in a positive way. If you incur a debt and do not pay, Infocorp will put you on a list of debtors and this will affect your credit history and your future opportunities to apply for a loan or more credit, even after you have paid off the debt.

Having debts is not directly negative, which can be a problem is not paying them on time, as this affects your credit report. It is like a “curriculum” that is consulted by financial institutions when assigning an interest rate, as it is directly related to the risk that your credit report presents.

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What happens when you have already paid the debt?

If you just canceled a debt, it will appear on Infocorp as “canceled debt”. It will not be immediate, but it will take two months, as it is the time it takes for the information to be updated in this credit record.

After these 60 days of waiting, the update should be displayed. However, it may take longer and be due to the fact that the financial institution does not provide the correct or updated information. To correct this, you can send a request to Infocorp to review your case, while you can request a non-debit letter from the financial entity you owed the debt with and then attach it to your order at the central risk.

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It should be noted that your debt will not be fully erased from the system, even within two years of being canceled. That is, despite being listed as “debt canceled”, the incident may appear as part of its history over that time.

How can I apply for a loan if I am with Infocorp?

If you are at a risk center like Infocorp and need a loan, you can still re-enter the banking system to apply for a new loan. You just need to apply for a credit card or loan again.

Obviously, with a credit history in which the user is listed as “punished”, it is possible that not all financial institutions are willing to lend money. However, in this case, a pledge credit (pledge credit) can be requested from a financial entity supervised by SBS (Superintendency of Banks and Insurance).

By paying off this new loan on time, your credit history will improve significantly.


Over 40 million coronavirus infections worldwide

Over 40 million coronavirus infections worldwide


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