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SEE LIVE independent vs Argentinos Juniors played at Estadio Diego Armando Maradona today. This duel commences at 9:00 (Peruvian time) and meets the 11th day Supelriga Argentina. This will broadcast on TNT Sport; and you can resume it ONLINE at per minute.

Minutes by minute Independiente vs Argentinos Juniors LIVE ONLINE from Superliga Argentina

The Independiente vs Argentinos Juniors reinforced the ranks of LIVE ONLINE in the Superliga in Argentina

Independent of Avellaneda: Campaign; Bustos, Figal, Benítez, Sánchez Miño; Domingo, Gaibor, Benítez, S.Romero, Meza; Gigliotti.

Argentin Juniors: Chaves; Sandoval, Torrén, Bojanich, Mac Allister; Montero, Machín, Barboza; Méndez, Illaregui, Veron.

"Red" reaches the independent vs Argentinos Juniors, having lost Argentinian Superliga 4-2 last day of Atlético Tucuma as a guest. In the last five pairs he won two defeats, two wins and a row.

The Atletico Independiente Club plays Estadio Diego Armando Maradona in front of an Argentine juniors who are the pride of the Argentinean race. On paper, "Red" has an accessible party, but "Bug" can surprise you and find the victory you need.

Ariel Holan arranged the 14th position of the Argentine Superliga position table with 13 units.

Before the "Bicho" that decides Independiente vs Argentinos Juniors, after accumulating three accumulated defeats and adding 6 points in only 10 days, placing them in the last position.

Argentinos Juniors did not see the victory at the 4th Argentine Superliga when Lanús beat 2-0 as a local. The Super League on Argentina last day, Newell dropped 2-0, where Ezequiel Craboni's "Bicho" made a self-criticism. "You have to concentrate and have to work more, I'm the first responsible for all that." Let's see what changes. "If you lose three games one after the other, it's not a coincidence."

If you look at the Independiente vs Argentinos Juniors, the results show that both groups were measured at 126 times. The "Red" 51 has won 207 goals. "Bicho" got 34 victories and scored 154 goals; both of them are tied to 41 duels.

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Schedule for Independiente vs Argentinos Juniors in LIVE ONLINE for Superliga in Argentina

Mexico – 9:00 am
Peru – 9:00 o'clock
Colombia – at 9:00
Ecuador – at 9:00
United States (Miami, Florida and New York) – 10:00
Bolivia – 10:00 am
Venezuela – 10:00
Paraguay – 10:00
Argentina – 11:00
Uruguay – 11:00
Brazil – 11:00

Independiente vs Argentinos Juniors LIVE ONLINE: A possible lineup for the Argentine Superliga

independent: campaign; Britez, Bustos, Figal, Gaibor; Domingo, Sánchez Miño, Meza, Gigliot; Cerutti, Benítez.

Argentin Juniors: Chavez; Tower & # 39; s, Sandoval, Bojanich, Montero; Barboza, Mac Allister, Méndez, Ilarregui, Toledo, Veron.

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Narration: Gustavo Cima

Notes: Damián Manusovich

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