Indecopi: Prices should be rounded off in favor of the consumer for cash payments | Privacy Policy | Peru


The Directorate of the National Consumer Protection Authority of the Indecopi remember that the rounding of prices should always be done for the benefit of consumers by making a cash payment, as indicated in the Consumer and Defense Defense Code.

The entity makes this announcement after the Central Reserve Bank (BCRordered the withdrawal of the five coins cents as of January 1, 2019. BCR has specified that in the case of payments made in cash, the total amount to be paid will be rounded in favor of the public.

Thus, for example, if the cost of a product is S / 4.75 at the time of payment in cash, the supplier must round the price and collect the sum of S / 4.70.

It should be noted that establishments should not use the nickel to deliver it as returned, having to comply with rounding rules for the benefit of the consumer, for all cases of cash transactions, whether buying products or paying for services (public and private).

This does not apply to transactions made through the use of debit or credit cards, bank transfers, charges for account, among others similar, where the collection is made by the exact amount informed to the consumer.

On the other hand, Indecopi added that establishments can consult the consumer if they accept rounding by increasing the price to the highest decimal, provided that the surplus is intended for a donation, so the supplier must inform which institution is the beneficiary.

Meanwhile, the organization recalled that although the five-cent coins went out of circulation, they continue to maintain their value. Therefore, the term for your exchange is unlimited and can be made in any entity of the financial system, totally free, in multiples of 10 cents.


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