Increase to 11 deaths due to influenza virus


The number of people who died as a result of the influenza A (H1N1) virus since last May has risen to 11, according to a report by the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

Minsa epidemiologist Lourdes Moreno confirmed the deaths and urged people to go to health facilities to get a flu shot.

According to Moreno, the population will not be vaccinated on the grounds that it has done so during the last months of 2018 or for World Youth Day in January of this year.

However, he explained that these vaccines correspond to 2018 and in the country already exists 2019 so that people can go to health centers to apply the new vaccine.

He added that, with the exception of one child, none of the fatalities received the vaccine and that even the small one who was vaccinated received a dose, so he was not fully protected.

The Minsa report reveals that the types of influenza detected in the country with the highest incidence are A (H1 N1 pdm09), AH3N2 and influenza type B.

The next Minister of Health, Rosário Turner, joined the call made by the authorities of Minsa to the population to go to the health facilities to be immunized.

Turner said that in this way it is possible to avoid an increase in deaths due to this cause.

The interim director of the Gorgas Institute of Health Studies, Juan Pascale, explained that they are investigating the virus that is circulating in the country.

Pascale said that as part of this work, they have already been able to isolate the virus and will sequenced it to determine if it is different from the vaccine, which will let them know if the virus that is circulating has mutations.


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