The ancient Peruvians used snails, reeds and even animal bones to make sounds. It is said that the Peruvians of the Nazca culture were the most important pre-Columbian musicians on the continent.

A beautiful show was presented by the General Secretariat of Welfare of the University (OGEBU), of the National University of the Peruvian Amazon (UNAP), through its Workshop of Dance, on Friday, November 2, in the main hall. Participants enjoyed the dances of the country's coast, mountains and jungle; and the presentation of invited groups, including La Tuna Universitaria.

At 7:30 pm the show began, led by dance teacher and general coordinator Liz Tuanama Amías. The UNAP Dance Workshop is comprised of students from different colleges; and is supported by OGEBU, led by Professor Gladys Cárdenas Vda. De Reategui, and also the rector, Dr. Heiter Valderrama Freyre.

The show began with an introductory video about the cultural and artistic wealth of our country, which has more than 10,000 years of history and has a great wealth and multicultural traditions; has a delicious and award-winning cuisine; It has imposing archaeological complexes; 12 Unesco World Heritage Sites and vast natural reserves. Undoubtedly, we have one of the most varied countries in the world.

Then began the dance potpourri of Peru, with the participation of all members of the university. For then give way to the rhythms of the coast of the mountain and the jungle. Music and dance have always played an important role in Peruvian society since pre-Columbian times.


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