Huawei recovers its strategic ally in processors and will continue with Kirin


Despite the wave of frozen deals with Huawei, good news comes to the Chinese company. TSMC has resumed its collaborative activities with the smartphone brand and has decided to continue its collaboration with HiSilicon, the chip and processor development unit of the Asian giant.

TSMC had to consult a prestigious group of lawyers to understand the details of the regulation issued by the US government, and it seems that they found no problem in keeping the agreements with Huawei. Specifically, the measure prohibits the supply of products containing 25% or more of patent-pending technologies, then the company TSCM would be out of this rigor.

As part of this condition, other companies resumed activities with the Chinese company. Toshiba, Panasonic and Lenovo Group are part of these conglomerates They withdraw shares with Huawei and return to provide products and services. Many of the brands that initially distanced themselves began to look at the scope of the regulation to see how not to lose investment aimed at agreements with the Chinese.

Through a spokesperson, TSMC clarified its position on the agreement: "In the last few years, the global semiconductor industry has built a very complex and interconnected supply chain between different companies. If there is a break in the chain, its effect will be felt throughout the process, so the entire network must prepare for collateral damage which this block will cause, " mentions Elizabeth Sun, company representative.


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