Thursday , June 24 2021

HE’S A ROCKSTAR WHEN PLAYING: Mourinho highlighted the most ‘underrated’ figure he has at Tottenham

José Mourinho shared his impressions of those who believe that Heung-Min Son often does not receive the recognition he deserves in the football elite.

In an interview with Sky Sports, the Portuguese coach concluded that the South Korean may not have the media repercussion of a superstar because he turns away from the spotlight when he is out of the field.

When asked why Son is not mentioned often in discussions about the best players in the world, The special answered: “Perhaps this is our world. Maybe our world doesn’t accept guys like him: discreet. There is no other Sonny besides the football player Sonny. A humble boy, a normal life and incredible social behavior. Maybe the world doesn’t like top professionals like him. Maybe I should make a little noise so that people recognize it better“.

“Maybe he needs to be a more rockstar football player”, they responded in the lecture shared by the referred medium. And Mourinho, with a smile on his face, concluded: “He’s a rock star when he plays.”

He is the captain of the South Korean national team, he excelled in the Bundesliga, he has shone for five seasons in the Premier League and he was a key player in Tottenham’s best historic performance in the UEFA Champions League. There is no doubt that Heung-Min Son is a world-class player. For several years, one of the best wings in the world.

Unbeaten data. Heung-Min Son has 9 goals and 4 assists in the last 6 games he played for Tottenham. Never before had it impacted so much in the last zone.

Did you know that..? Heung-Min Son scored 94 official goals with the Tottenham shirt. One of the best hires of the London entity in recent times.

Source: Sky Sports.

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