grows as a leading site in the region


Clarin was distinguished in LATAM Digital Media of Bogotá for its successful subscription model and consolidates itself as one of the leading sites in Latin America. During the

same act, Clarí received the second prize in the category "Best Site or Mobile News Service".

The jury, composed of twelve experts from the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Venezuela, recognized Clarin by its digital signature model, the first to implement it in the country.

Clarí strengthens as the most assisted digital media in Argentina

"With around 150,000 subscribers and half of them digital cigars, the Clarín payment wall, which is less than two years old, has delivered great results for the company and has become one of the regional references on the subject."was one of the arguments of the organizing committee of the awards.

The delivery of the LATAM digital media awards was made in Bogotá, Colombia.

The delivery of the LATAM digital media awards was made in Bogotá, Colombia.

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Planet Networks | We tell you the most shared stories on Facebook, and the trends on Twitter and Instagram. "Src ="

Planet Networks | We shared the most shared stories on Facebook and what was trending on Twitter and Instagram.

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The distinctions in the Colombian capital ratify what the measurement of digital media in the country recently reflected: Clarín strengthened its leadership as the digital media with the highest audience in Argentina (in October it broke its own record with 17,766,000 unique visitors, surpassing 17.4 million in November 2017) and is located very close to the Spanish newspapers El País and El Mundo, leaders in the Spanish-language media.

The trend among the world's mainstream media is almost unanimous and Clarin It was a pioneer in Argentina: in the Internet age, the tool to sustain quality journalism is to charge a monthly subscription to readers.

In Bogota, Clarin was also awarded as the second "best news site or mobile service" for the newspaper's new design a format better suited to mobile telephony. The first prize went to Nexo Jornal, from Brazil.

The LATAM Digital Media Awards celebrated its fourth edition and was the prelude to World Digital Media, also WAN-IFRA, to be held in 2019.

During the days of this organization in the Colombian capital, current issues related to new models of the sector were discussed: Implementation of paid content strategies, growth of distribution platforms, audience intelligence and "Data Science" in companies. journalistic New digital journalistic narratives and innovation in newsrooms. Leading media experts from across the continent participated.

With reference to the growth of the digital Clarín, is the result of the strategy "Digital First" promoted by the newspaper in 2017. It is a process of adapting routines to the new information requirements: a newsroom that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with news alerts and a focus on the Spanish-speaking reader around the world. In this way, an increase of audience was generated in Mexico, Spain, Peru and United States, some of the foreign markets with the largest number of readers of Bugler Digital.

Among the important changes in writing routines is the demand for new knowledge: audience measurements, videos and the use of digital tools. Through new technologies you can see in real time what is the most shocking news, how much time the reader spends and whether you do it through your PC or phone, for example.


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